Friday, July 07, 2006

Free Gary McKinnon

This blog is intended to support British citizen Gary McKinnon, who is facing "fast track" extradition to the USA (after over four years since his initial arrest !).

Gary was indicted by a US court in November 2002, accused of "hacking" into over 90 US Military computer systems from here in the UK.

The unjust treatment of British citizens (and others) when facing the might of the US Military "justice" sysem, which practices detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, and stands accused of making use of torture by allied regimes ("extraordinary rendition") is an ongoing scandal. It cannot be excused even by a "war on terror".

Is this CSR? You tell me, but I think that this is about organisations taking responsibility for their own shortcomings - in this case poor IT security - rather than blaming other people. Apart from the UK Government assenting to assymetric extradition arrangements with the US, which can still block extradition for 'political' (read terrorist) crimes. This was routinely used to stop IRA (Irish Republican Army) suspects that had escaped to the US facing trial in the UK.


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